Competency Center for EPS-AIRPOP  quality pack

AIPE (Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene) is the national association and member of EUMEPS (European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene)

AIPE is in charge by EUMEPS Power Parts of organizing the “European Center of Competence for EPS Quality pack”.

The Competency Center aims at supporting European manufactures of EPS packaging by providing information and tools suitable to manage and ensure the quality of manufactured products.

The Competency Center is the connecting link between packaging manufacturers and end user, so as to create tools allowed manufacturers to ensure what is required by user. The Competency Center is also regarded as a third party, directly linked to market and/or commercial principles.

The primary aims of the Competency Center for EPS Quality pack are:

  • collection of standards and rules;
  • analysis of end-user needs;
  • development of guidelines to organize in synergy the relationships between suppliers and users of EPS packaging.