The Guidelines  apply only to EPS moulded products and it does not cover EPS products manufacturing by cut from block.

These Guidelines  address to several application areas and to the EPS with or without PS foil or other films.

EPS is used not only for the manufacture of products  employed in packing products intended to be used in four different areas:

  2. AGRICULTURE “seed trays”
  3. FOOD contact
  5. HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

Each application area has specific requirements, but also general use requirements. The Guidelines  will then consist in a general section including the five areas above, which could also contain a deeper description for each area, to meet the specific requirements of end-users.   

Last but not least, the Guidelines  shall provide accurate information to define the main properties to manage product quality during manufacturing, control and acceptation by end-users. They are intended to be the quality-regulatory benchmark for EPS products that each manufacturer and end-user shall adopt and adjust to any context and specific needs.

The application areas account for the most interesting end-users to define Guidelines which will be extended to other products, at a later stage.

The scheme below reported the steps to design, to prototyping and to complete the final production of EPS packaging/products. The phases involve both the producer of the packaging (converter / EPS producer) and the manufacturer of the item to pack (end-user / customer).